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Programs & Curriculum


At First Steps Education we know that all children are different and learn in different ways. We strive to teach using all learning styles and use classroom setup to provide all children different ways to learn the same cognitive goal.


Ms. Adrieanna (Director) has a college degree in Early Childhood Education and has studied how a child learns. She strives to be sure to provide every opportunity to grow the body, mind and spirit of every child.


Our Curriculum and How We Teach


  • We begin in the infant room teaching baby sign language. It is a great way for children to communicate while learning to talk. As your child grows and moves up through the different classrooms they will start learning more complex sign language, in the VPK class they will be able to communicate in sign language using full sentences.

  • We teach Spanish in our Two year old class all the way through to VPK.

  • Teachers use the Creative Curriculum and we use the scaffolding building blocks theory when teaching the concrete lessons and build on those to teach the more complex cognitive skills.


To view further information on what we teach in each class please click on the drop-down links above.

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