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VPK Program


We operate both a morning (9am to 12pm) and afternoon (1pm to 4pm) VPK class. With the VPK morning or afternoon class being free.


We also offer wrap around care before and after VPK at an additional charge.


Our VPK program is free and prepares children for Kindergarten. Our VPK program focuses on reading, writing, basic math, Spanish, sign language, science, art, music and physical education giving children a rounded learning experience. In addition to the academic focus we also encourage children to develop further social skills through play.


Teachers use the Creative Curriculum when doing lesson plans. We use the scaffolding building blocks theory when teaching the concrete lessons and build on those to teach the more complex cognitive skills.


We feed back to parents on a daily basis via daily report sheets which detail what a child has learnt that day and activities they have engaged in.


In our VPK classroom we have a ratio maximum of 11 children to 1 teacher.


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